Everett Transit - Bus Stop Activity

All Everett Transit buses are equipped with passenger counting technology, essential in both fulfilling federal reporting requirements and informing service planning decisions. The map below uses this information to show the average daily activity at all Everett Transit bus stops.
Zoom in and click on one of the stops to see its location description, stop ID, and how many passengers got on or off a bus at that stop in an average weekday. 

You can also see what the bus stop looks like and the amenities available by clicking the street view link. Note that some new stops may not yet be reflected in the street view, and we will update that information as it becomes available. 

The bus activity data provided below is early 2023, and the bus stops on new routes or route segments may not yet have activity information. This map will be updated annually.

Everett Transit Bus Stop
How to read our bus stop descriptions: most stops are located at intersections, on the street that is listed first in the description. The notations in the "< >" brackets show the direction of the bus and location of the stop relative to the intersection. 

For example, the stop at "SE EVERETT MALL WAY & 7TH AVE SE <EB, FS>" is on SE Everett Mall Way, close to the intersection with 7th Ave SE.
The bus will travel eastbound on SE Everett Mall Way, and it is far side of the intersection, so the bus will cross 7th Ave SE to reach the stop. 

EB - eastbound; WB - westbound; SB -southbound; NB - northbound  ll FS - far side of the intersection, NS - nearside of the intersection, MB - midblock

Transit Centers

There are four major transit centers in Everett: Everett Station, Mall Station, College Station and Seaway Transit Center.

Multiple routes serve these centers and connect customers to regional transit providers. The data for these four transit centers is consolidated to better reflect total activity, since there are several stops at each location, served by several routes. 

Other significant connection points to regional service are Mariner Park & Ride, South Everett Freeway Station, and the Mukilteo Station Ferry Terminal. 
Ridership activity for other transit providers that serve these transit centers or some of the stops in the system are not included in the map or in the graphics. 
Everett Station

Top 25 Origin & Destination Locations

These are the bus stop locations with most weekday activity. 
Everett Transit Arrivals

Stop IDs

Stop ID numbers identify each stop in the system, and they are prominently displayed on our bus flags. Since Everett Transit does not have printed timetables at all stops, it provides bus arrival information for each stop through the Everett Transit Arrivals system. 

When you text or call 425-312-6329 with your Stop ID number, the system provides the bus arrival times for all Everett Transit routes serving that stop. 

If you prefer to use an app, the regional OneBusAway app offers real-time information on scheduled routes for most transit agencies in the Puget Sound region, including Everett Transit. Go to Onebusaway for Puget Sound or find the OneBusAway app in your app store.