Municipal Dashboard of Community Indicators

The Municipal Dashboard of Community indicators is a project sponsored by the Government Performance Consortium. The indicators listed below are part of a recommended set of core indicators that provide a quick view of a community. Common indicators allow examination across jurisdictional boundaries, and support strategic data-driven decision making. 
The data obtained for the indicators came from publicly available data sources, and the granularity of data ranges from city census tract to county. Washington State was used as a benchmark for comparing results. A threshold of plus or minus 5% is used to determine better, worse, or on par with Washington State. Since data comes from a variety of sources, much of it is not owned or controlled by the City of Everett. 
The community indicators are outcomes not directly attributable to the City of Everett’s activities. The indicators are influenced by factors, such as socioeconomic status, national public policy, and macroeconomics that are outside of the City of Everett’s direct control.
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